Bonding Fun!

With Monday’s afternoon downpour, there was no way our international team of CAS students could continue their weekly task of paitning or gardening at Bahn Dek at the Emergency Home. Thankfully, we had planned for a creative activity with the kids with a good lump of dough we had prepared out of flour, salt and water – our very own homemade “playdoh”. We had every student sit with a child or two, and we divided the dough and distributed some of our modeling utensils – rollers, patterned-cutters, plastic cups….Then the fun began.. the students and kids quickly bonded as they worked on the dough.

When the kids went on to dinner, the students took this break time to help clean & organise the toy and book shelves. Thanks to a donation of a trampoline from Khun Voralak, of Bkk Kids, the kids were ready to expend the excess energy they had stored up on this rainy day. With the natural bonding established, the students joined in to organise a safe activity – teaching the kids to queue, getting them to jump in momentum with everyone clapping & counting to 30. By the time, the school vans came, there were lots of hugs, laughs and hi-5s when the students departed…
What a lovely afternoon of bonding fun!

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