Long-distance Collaboration

Five years ago, we met Serene, a volunteer from Singapore. A few weeks ago, we met again — IN Singapore. Now she was planning to go to Bangkok for a family holiday and this time, she wanted her hubby and daughter to experience what she did! So through a series of long-distance LINE chats, we at CTM successfully organised a fun day out on the second day of their family vacation, for the children from Bahn Dek at the Emergency Shelter. Along with Serene’s family were a couple of other friends from Singapore . .

It was arranged for everyone to meet at the Children’s Discovery Museum — and while they waited and got to know each other, Serene had Pizza delivered right there for all the kids. After the yummy intro, they charged in to the Museum with the caregivers in tow and enjoyed every level of discovery! Both Serene’s four-year-old daughter along with all her new friends, aged from 2-7 years were all happily engaged in the multiple variety of sights, sounds, expereinces that this kiddie museum had to offer.

Just amazing how we can connect and just get things done so effectively through today’s technology!

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