Today’s Blissful Busyness

Went to the wholesale market today to get vegetables & fruits for our #CentralThailandMission disadvantaged community partners. This time around, we distributed & shared the provisions with the House of Blessing ( for kids born in prisons/abandoned kids/teens) as well as the Pakistani refugee community struggling in their limbo state in Bangkok, while waiting repatriation to a third country). Besides the fruits and vege, we were also able (thanks to John, Sarah Zion and their generous sponsoring partner) to share whipped cream & cheese with both communities. Besides the fruit/vege, cream and cheeses, our Pakistani friends also took with them adult/children/toddler/baby clothes, bedsheets, shoes. The cheese and clothes will also be brought to those who are currently held at the Imm. Detention Centre.

Recently, we also gave 25 kg of flour, rice, toilet tissue, and chicken . Thanks to the support from #theMummyClub, #KISinternational School, #BAMBI, there’s always more than enough to share.

We also had a great time together as we enjoyed some “cha” together with cheese on crackers. — and the girls enjoyed sorting through and organising the clothese needed as well as being able to help in putting up our first CTM decorationn for the season! With all that’s going to be happening at our center these coming weeks, we figured we might as well get started while we have some extra hands and help! A Long DAY but so fulfilling when there’s just an overflow of grace and gratitude!

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