Christmas Charity Carnival 2017

With more than 200 participants & more than 20 sponsors, this was our BEST and we will add, our BIGGEST Christmas party yet!
Yes, this is what we said about last year’s carnival and we’re saying it again! For the last 16 years, we’ve seen our annual CTM Christmas party evolve in the way we celebrate it. Every year, it gets better with more services, more partnerships, more equipment, and lots more fun!
This year, in partnership with St Andrews International School — with their new campus by the Ekamai BTS — we had children from SIX different communities — the Emergency Home (Home for victimized women & kids from domestic and criminal violence, the House of Blessing for kids born in prisons or abandoned, the Thanksgiving Home for developmentally-challenged kids & others from the Pakred slum community, the Mercy Center for street kids/orphans, the Rangsit Babies’ Home for orphans and the Pakistani children from the Revive Ministry & other learning centers.
Teachers Jason and Lisa working with a team of seniors from the school provided us with the support in many ways including the logistics, setup, the games, safety, food serving, entertainment with a live band — this was all a tremendous help. In the past we needed assistance from more than 30 participating sponsors, but this year the STA team made it much easier for us to host such a mammoth event.
While waiting to open the program, we served up a variety of ice-cream generously contributed by our faithful (for more than a decade!) Chomthana ‘Cremo’ company. Another great supporter MALEE ENTERPRISE provided pink guava juice in the perfect party-size boxes.
FUN for the kids came in two giant bouncy castles & two Trampolines soo kindly provided by the BANGKOK KIDS’ PARTY & THAI PARTY RENTALS !! Bkk Kids’ party also provided a Dunk Tank which really thrilled the kids to see their target dunked in the water when they scored a hit.
The STA seniors set up six game stations where they would instruct & play different games with different groups of kids – there was Pin the Reindeer, Musical Chairs, bowling, Penalty kicks, Ball toss and catch – all engaging, bonding fun. Everytime the airhorn sounded, children would rotate and go on to try a new game or get on any of the equipment .
During the breaks from the games, the children and teens could have a bag of popcorn or a stick of cotton candy – a service so sweetly provided by the team from CYBER PARTYS Co.
CLOWN SANYA from BEE KIDS’ PARTY ORGANISER was on hand to thrill the kids with his amazing Balloon Twisting skills making some popular designs.
After more than an hour and a half of all this play time, everyone then came in for the next segment of the Carnival – THE CONCERT! We kicked this part off with a presentation by Professor Cookie and her assistant from SKY VENTURES, showing several science tricks and piquing their interest in the subject.
Then it was kids for kids, as each home came up to share their talent! Every Home and child did so well – whether they were singing about Rudolf or doing a dance or a magic show.
Please see the videos posted on Central Thailand Mission’s FB page.
After the concert, it was time for the next Carnival highlight – FOOD! This year, we again had the help of MIRACLE GRAND HOTEL who provided fried rice & some kiddie finger-food favorites like spring rolls,, sausages, fried chicken etc., plus the ever-faithful support of MCTHAI with 200 assorted burgers and OISHI with their contribution of assorted o-bento boxes of Japanese rice dishes. KHUN CHOKDEE generously came to our event with another favorite — boxes of PIZZA and this really provided us with a wonderful something-for-everyone spread for dinner. And if all that wasn’t enough, The ATHENEE HOTEL supplied a large tray of Moo Ping and an assortment of yummmy pastries for dessert!
While everyone was feasting away in the wide canteen area, the STA live band & singers entertained with their performances.
Then, everyone returned for that moment they’ve been waiting for – the arrival of SANTA!
SANTA (BILL) never fails to deliver and thrill the kids with his charming demeanor and his excellent ISAAN Thai! Thanks to KIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL parents/families, most of the gifts were tagged for a specific recipient as families would take their names off the school’s Christmas Tree and see what they could do to fulfil it. Home by Home came up as we called the individuals up to receive their gift from Santa.
These are indeed memorable moments in many a child’s life – and for these kids, this was a day that’ll be etched in their minds for a long, long time!
THANK you everyone for caring enough to make this happen.
PS. Because of the lack of time, we could not hold the door draw this evening. It will however be held at the school this week and winners will be informed by phone or email, and vouchers sent by post to them. Apologies. Our deep appreciation to all the different sponsors who supported the draw with prize vouchers! Thank you!  

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