Dern (เดิน = walk ) n’ Dine!

Dern (เดิน = Walk ) n’ Dine —With the dip in temperature here in Bangkok (oooh! it’s been lovely with daytime temperatures around 20-22deg!), we had to change our annual DIP n’ DINE event for the chldren from the Emergency Home on Dec. 20th. Traditionally, for the last 8 years or so, in partnership with the ATHENEE HOTEL, we have arranged for kids for different disadvantaged communities to enjoy a swim in the Hotel’s beautiful landscaped garden pool, followed by a sumptuous dinner buffet spread. After this early dinner, we would then take the kids to CentralWorld for a tour of the lighted Christmas fantasy decor at the mall. THIS year, we ditched the DIP! It was waaaay too cold for anyone, esp. little kids, to step into the pool! So we switched things around and decided to do the tour first — hence, the “Dern” (meaning walk in Thai) N’ Dine event!! Central World gracefully responded to our timely request and arranged their ambassadors to escort the troupe of kids and caregivers all around. They started off with the indoor festive displays. Then, it was up to the 7th floor to MADE IN CANDY — a custom-made candy shop — with candymen happily showing the kids how candy is made, then delighting the kids with a giant colorful lollipop each!! Then we made it downstairs and outside where the kids were awed with massive, giant-sized displays of Christmas trees, Santa, cupcakes, reindeer and baubles..etc.It was a good “Dern” on a cool afternoon — which I’m sure made the kids ready for the DINE part of our event. We then headed for the ATHENEE hotel, where GM Gilles and executive Marisa were on hand to greet the kids and escort them to a private room to dine in style. The kids, caregivers & CTM staff were pampered for choice as the buffet covered Thai, Indian, Western, Japanese and Chinese cuisine — plus an eye-lusting array of pastries and desserts! Then on top of all that, Marisa and team handed out a parting gift of cookies to each one as they headed out.
What a lovely end to a very memorable day for the kids and caregivers of the Emergency Home — one of their rare forays into downtown Bangkok enjoying the big-city promenade and tasting such a gastronomical treat. ( *Note:Belated update on this activity which was on Dec. 20th)

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