Feeeling all Christmasssy!

With ALL the events and fairs we’ve attended in the last few weeks, we feel like we’ve had a FULL Fill of Christmas ambience & activities. This was our busiest Christmas season ever!!! Since mid-November, we have been very engaged in Central Thailand Mission’s presence, organisation and collaboration with various partners —- @the BAMBI Yard Sale, the NIST ServICE Conference, the GINGERBREAD HOUSE party @ The Athenee, our biggest CHRISTMAS CHARITY CARNIVAL 2017, the St Andrews international School (Pridi and Ekamai campuses) Christmas Fairs, and finally, yesterday’s back to back events— the KIS International School Fair and the BAMBI @ IPC CHRISTMAS Fair !! Yesterday was like the icing on the cake, and a double whopper to end our LAST Christmas Fair for this season. We attended the KIS concert fair in the morning and had a successful fundraising with the support of friends, teachers, and parents who bought the chocoballs donated by Made In Candy Thailand . In the afternoon, we attended the BAMBI Christmas Tree Lighting event at IPC Kindergarten. We had our Sharity Shop set up there amidst the beautifully-decorated fairground. It was decked out like a Christmas Fairyland with pillars dressed liked candy-canes, Twinkling lights around every bush and plant, poinsettas all over the place, a Christmas playlist in the background to sing along to, and to enhance it all, there were the cutest little elves running around, costumed in green/red designer elf outfits (later found out why all these kids came dressed as such — all vying for the prizes for best-dressed elf!)
It was a real family affair as Dads, Moms, babes, toddies and kids enjoyed the facepainting, games, activities planned by BAMBI Bangkok Mothers and Babies International volunteers, magic show by Thanksgiving Home — and yes, just the happy ambience of Christmas esp. when Santa showed up! This event really brought out the kid in all of us to blow bubbles, run barefoot, get our faces painted … That’s what we enjoyed during this season of partnering with the various international schools and community groups — it restored in us the JOY of uniting together for the common purpose of celebrating a time, a season of Love, of Peace and Goodwill to all men.
PS. Special thanks again to Darling Yao for helping us with the transportation of our Sharity Shop whenever we had an event or fair to attend. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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