Special Thanks to KIS International School — especially for the active and generous support of the parent/families of the PYP (elementary) school– who have responded so generously this season. They have not only undertaken to specifically fulfil requests from children in our partner communities (please see previous posts about the presents provided for the disadvantaged children from various Homes) but in the last three trips to the school in the last couple of weeks, we have picked up a FULL VANLOAD EVERY TIME, of new as well as unused, preloved items — from clothes, shoes, toys, to linen, bikes and books…etc With more than enough to share and distribute, we also loaded up as much as we could when Aaron Blue, director of the Shady Tree Foundation, recently pased through Bangkok with his family, on the way up to Mae Sot. And there will be much more when Aaron comes down again in January with a large empty truck! Gifts for Christmas and also, Children’s Day in January!
Also special thanks to Darling Yao for assisting us with a driver and van to help with these pickups!

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