Santa’s Warehouse – Gifts For Christmas Charity Carnival 2017

It was a long trudge up the snowy mountain trail …..till we found Santa’s warehouse!
Then out came all these little elves in their blue uniforms happily carting away and loading up a modern van with goodies big and small…..
oh wait….it’s not a dream ….we are here at KIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL with ‘Santa’ Karl in his classroom
of excited, happy students with the little mountain of presnets they’ve collected from the CHRISTMAS Gift-Tree standing in the school atrium.
About a month ago, we arranged for the children/teens from four different disadvantaged communities to send in a little info-sheet with their names, ages, and what they’d like for Christmas.
KIS students made these into baubles and cards to hang on their giant Christmas Tree. Over the days and weeks, parents & kids selected their choice recipient. They then worked together on getting the wish-gift Today, we reaped the fruit of this love and support as kids and families responded directly and specifically to the desires of the children’s hearts.
It was such a heart-warming sight to see how much thought & love went into each gift, with the pretty trimmings on the nicely-wrapped gift packages with the names of each child plus a personal note sweetly written on some of them. On top of all that, Santa Karl wand his elves wrapped up EXTRA gifts, marking them with blue and pink hearts — indicating if it was for a boy or girl and a suitable age — for the rest of the 150 kids coming from the six communities!.
The children and teens attending will be from the Emergency Home (for victims of abuse/rape in domestic and criminal violence), House of Blessing (for children born in prisons and abandoned youth), The Thanksgiving Home (for developmentally-challenged, special needs kids/youth), the Mercy Center (street kids and orphans), the Rangsit Babies’ Home (orphans) and Revive Ministry (Pakistani asylum-seekers/refugees) .
We went from KIS to St Andrews Pridi to pick up more gifts and finally to STA Ekamai where we unloaded the van — the maids too couldn’t resist having their pics with the beautifully-wrapped gifts. The gifts will be stored till Bangkok’s wellknown Santa (Bill) comes to give out the goodies THIS Sunday at the CHRISTMAS CHARITY CARNIVAL 2017 ….

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