Children’s DAY 2018 (Part 1)

Food, Fun and Fantasy for the kids from the Emergency Home began today at the Gateway Ekamai where they were treated to a food ‘tour’ of their favorite French Fries and Ice-cream, courtesy of KFC, the crepes and waffles from Crazy Crepe and their eventual lunch of a yummy fried rice from All Ride Cafe Neolution Esport board Game Cafe) — all on the ground floor fo the mall . The fun and fantasy began on the second floor at STANLEY — where they jumped into the BLUE BOX for fun with Giant sized rubber blocks . A couple of the older kids got the opportunity of a simulated flight at SKYVENTURE where they experienced getting the plane off from Suvarnabhumi airport, flying over the seas and landscape before returning back down again. Whew! It was so real that we were relieved when we came back down and hit the runway. Upon arrival, we were all then whisked into back into another part of STANLEY’s where we entered the large miniaturised attraction of the Seven Wonders of the World along with other wellknown sights of Hollywood, Santa’s mystical home town in Lapland, the Eiffel Tower, the deserts of Egypt, Christ the Redeemer statue of Rio de Janeiro, plus geographyical landscapes of a desert, cave, a smokin’ volcano .. It was really wonderful how this big awesome world can be brought down to size, to be appreciated through the eyes of these little ones. This was really a very special experience for these kids!


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