Contagious Cheerful Giving!

The Market is a busy place where people are often pre-occupied int he business of buying and selling. However today, it was like a wave of grace and love swept through as we went through just a few hours at the whoesale market and collected a VAN-FULL of vegetables and fruits, which we shared and distributed to two major communities — the Thanksgiving Home (with the slum community in their Pakred neighborhood) and the House of Blessing with the mooban Choomchon (poor village) of Rama 9. Everyone at the market was just so happy to share of their goods, those who’ve known us for years and today, even strangers came up to give and load up our trolley with bags of vegetables. The happiness and generosity was catching! We thank God for for such amazing people, who live and love so generously. #amazinggraceday#goodnessoverflow!


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