Mission Statement: Care, Connect & Change — These three words define our fundamental service in making a difference and improving the lives of those whom we serve. In CARING, we reach out to those who are persecuted, orphaned, abandoned, abused and disadvantaged by challenges of poverty or physical handicaps. In Connecting, we serve in Bridging the gap between those with the needs & those with the resources. In Changing, we hope to to put a smile on faces and provide the light where there was previously darkness and despair.


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  1. Hello,

    We are contacting you because we are two students of Excelia La Rochelle and we have to realize this year a humanitarian mission. The goal is for us to get involved in an association and to bring our help by participating in different tasks. This humanitarian mission will last 10 weeks and will take place from Monday, May 15th 2023 to Friday, July 23rd 2023.

    After doing our research we found your association which we liked very much.
    We have contacted some students from Excelia who had done their humanitarian mission with you and who were able to tell us a little more about it.

    We would be extremely happy to be with you, to share and help you during this period.

    As far as we are concerned, we are students at Excelia since September.

    My name is Clarisse, I am 21 years old, and I have worked in several fields such as animation, event management, tourism or cake making.
    When I was an animator, I worked with children from 3 to 10 years old in leisure centers. I organized sports and manual activities on different themes. I played table tennis for several years and I also coached the children and teenagers of the club.
    I am smiling, listening, organized and very motivated. I like to work in a team, mutual help is one of my main values.

    And I’m Camille, I’m 22 years old and I’ve worked in different fields as well: animation in leisure center with children from 3 to 6 years old. Tourism by organizing different events with the tourist office of my city. And trade by developing brands in France. I also trained a sports team in my equestrian club. I organized exercises for the team to participate in the French championships.
    I have a great adaptability, I am optimistic and dynamic. I like to discover new things and organize group activities.

    The little extra, we both have our BAFA, the certificate of aptitude for the functions of animator, it is a diploma that prepares the exercise of the functions of animation in collective reception of minors.

    Really interested in becoming volunteers in your association, it would be for us a real opportunity to discover a culture and new people.

    We are at your disposal for any further information. We hope that our application will hold your attention!

    We look forward to hearing from you,
    Have a nice day,

    Clarisse and Camille.

  2. Dear Team,

    Hope this email finds you well

    Me and my wife are coming to Bangkok now in March/April. Would it be possible to visit your orphanage?

    Best regards,
    Afonso Belo

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