Central Thailand Mission (CTM) is a project under the Thai-registered Haven Foundation (under the Welfare Committee of the Interior Ministry of Thailand), which has affiliations in Australia and the UK. At present, Haven has 23 project partners all over Thailand in 10 provinces. CTM is also recognized & is one of the selected humanitarian aid projects that come under the American human service agency – Family Care Foundation – which is a non-profit, IRS-approved 501 (c )(3) public charity with 70 such special projects in 49 countries. Each is indigenous in the nature of its projects & in fund-raising. We are composed of an international team of volunteers, including Thai nationals. Personally motivated by Christian principles, we are dedicated to serve others, in helping them find encouragement & the direction needed to overcome problems & face the challenges/pressures of society today. As our Work consists of individuals who have dedicated their lives to this full-time task without receiving a salary in return , we need the help and participation of individuals & companies to make such an effort possible.


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