IF you have the love, the energy and the time, please join us as a volunteer for different activities or initiatives ! Here are some examples of folks who have shared their skills, talents and time in working with our communities

Recently, Serene Phua, a social worker with neglected kids inSingapore,  joined us for a day at the Emergency Home. It was a try-out session while she was on holiday here.

Trying the Limbo!

Serene shows how to play the game.







In the future, I’d like to arrange for my colleagues and friends to come do some community work with CTM, when they come to Thailand on holiday.” she said.

Having worked with kids, Serene had a few tricks up her sleeve. She came armed with a skipping rope which she made herself from a bag of rubber bands. Besides that she and her two friends, also came armed with bags of Oreos and little gifts. On top of all that fun, she treated everyone to a couple of pizzas and some KFC nuggets! What a morning! What a treat for the 25 kids at the Home.

Kids happily pose with their Oreos

Keep your eye on those pizzas



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