Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your kind gifts and support to our projects and communities at Central Thailand Mission. If you are depositing in Thailand, please make cheques and donations out to:

Name of Account: Central Thailand Mission
Name of Bank: Siam Commercial Bank
Branch: Thanon Chertwudthakas (Don Muang)
Number of account: 105-227003-9

If you are depositing in Singapore, kindly use this option:

Name of Bank: OCBC
Account-holder: Deborah Ekner
Type: Savings
Acct. number: 547-715425-001
Thanks sooo much! Do let us know via LINE or WHATSAPP to
+66 81-6971409 or drop us an email at

Thank you for helping to create on earth, as it is in heaven, for our disadvantaged communities. For more info, please check out our page on Facebook under Central Thailand Mission.


Thai children1552831_563267037089462_1518956160_n

The nearest school to this village is a four-hour walk from the village. There are FIFTY children who will never have a chance because of this. For 6,000 baht a month, you can help pay for two teachers plus books & school stationery for these children to have school in their village. In the neighboring village Of Thasongyang, 60 children have a school but no teachers. They need Two teachers. Your contribution will help this village as well.

LIVES are at stake!

1598390_563269103755922_1105104216_n Dengue & Malaria are potent killers in this village. Many have died from these diseases and others who have survived have been weakened as a result. SAVE A LIFE by DONATING towards the purchase of MOSQUITO NETS. We need as many as we can get. This village needs 100 more nets, as we already gave 100. There are FIVE more villages that can use this! One quality mosquito net (which will last years) costs 250 baht.



More than 200 people in Mae Ramat in Tak province live without running water. They have to WALK 3 km to the nearest river, bucket in hand, to collect the water they need.

Can you help towards the purchase of pvc pipes and water tanks ? This will change their lives and make a BIG difference to their lives! Approx. cost: 170,000 baht.