Our activities are recorded through our quarterly newsletter which is published both in English and Thai languages.

2016 2st quarter English

2016 2st quarter Thai

2016 1st quarter English

2015 3rd quarter English

2015 2nd quarter English

2015 1st quarter Thai

2015 1st quarter English

2014 3rd quarter Thai

2014 3rd quarter English

2014 2nd quarter

2014 1st quarter

2013 3rd quarter

2013 2nd quarter

2012 2nd quarter English

2012 1st quarter English

2011 2nd quarter

2011 1st quarter

2011 1st quarter (Thai)

2010 2nd quarter

2010 2nd quarter (Thai)

2010 1st quarter 2 (Thai)

2010 1st quarter 1

2010 1st quarter 2

2009 4th quarter

2009 4th quarter (Thai)

2009 3rd quarter

2009 3rd quarter (Thai)

2009 2nd quarter

Thailand Flood Update

2008 3rd quarter

2008 3rd quarter (Thai)

2008 2nd quarter

2008 2nd quarter (Thai)


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