Sharing Goodstuph & Fun!

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A team from Singapore’s top social media design company, Goodstuph, left their cyber-norm zone of work and recharged in Bangkok with a trip out to the Emergency Home (Baan pak Chook Chern) ! There, they took their design skills to another level by engaging the kids with some fun-paint-play! Letting kids be kids and let creativity roll — the children had the opportunity to do what they always wanted to — get their hands in paint! But this was creatively directed as they plastered their handprints on a clean white sheet and got to see a masterpiece. A few of the real artists on the team took to one-on-one art-bonding as they painted on their hands (it was initially supposed to be face-panting but the kids were not comfortable with this) and arms. Later, one of the little tots figured he could do it himself! See pic! The highlight of the visit must surely have been the arrival of the Pizza delivery! There were eight different varieties, and enough to share with the ladies from the HIV home as well! These ladies also received a gift of a large bottle of shampoo, which they very much appreciated!Great stuff from Goodstuph!