MegaFun for Migrants@Mercy

In wanting to bring the joy of CHRISTMAS to those who may have missed out on the festivities, the Piccoli family extended themselves and their help to host an event for the older migrant (Burmese,Cambodian & Pakistani) students at the Mercy Center in Klong Toey.
Festive carnivals and Santa visits are often for the younger little kids and these older ones often miss out on the Christmas outings. So thanks to the Piccolis, we were able to go the the Centre located in the slum community of Klong Toey, to create an afternoon of food, fun and games for almost 40 kids and caregivers there. In an extended way to help another home, we engaged the talented Khun Wanchai & the team from the Thanksgiving Home (for developmentally-challenged kids) where they had fun helping to entertain with games and a magic show! For lunch, we laid out a spread of fried chicken, french fries and somtam for all — plus tasty guava fruit drinks from Malee and Tong Garden peanut snacks . There was lots of love and laughter as Khun Wanchai engaged the kids AND Teens in hilarious games! Then we also had the PINATA game which took more than 15 kids hitting it before it finally broke out the candy!
Then, every one, appreciated & called out individually, received a Gift bag of clothes, bags, toys and also, school stationery.
We also left a big box of preloved shoes, trainers to be distributed to the students.
It’s simply amazing what a little initiative can do, to impact and bring joy to so many. Thank you, Grazy and family!!

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