A loving touch, personal attention and a word of encouragement go a long way to heal broken hearts and bodies.

Our Projects

  • Babies’ Home Rangsit
    Bahn Dek On (The Rangsit Babies’ Home) on the outskirts of Bangkok is home to about 300 children – from six months to 7 years old. Many of these children are orphans while some are abandoned, or street children, abused or caught in the middle of court custody situations.  Some are there because the parents are unable to care for them due to abject poverty, socially unfit or serving time in prison. 
  • Emergency Home
    This is basically a shelter for women or children who seek refuge from abusive domestic situations with husbands or family/relatives.  Many of them are victims of rape and are therefore, waiting out their pregnancy and the court case, if any. The shelter also takes in HIV-Aids female patients who are unable to care for themselves. 


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