(Central Thailand Mission (CTM) is a project under the Thai-registered Haven Foundation (under the Welfare Committee of the Interior Ministry of Thailand), which has affiliations in Australia and the UK. At present, Haven has 23 project partners all over Thailand in 10 provinces. CTM is also recognized & is one of the selected humanitarian aid projects that come under the American human service agency – Family Care Foundation – which is a non-profit, IRS-approved 501 (c )(3) public charity with 70 such special projects in 49 countries. Each is indigenous in the nature of its projects & in fund-raising. We are composed of an international team of volunteers, including Thai nationals. Personally motivated by Christian principles, we are dedicated to serve others, in helping to find encouragement & the direction needed to overcome problems & face the challenges/pressures of society today. As our Work consists of individuals who have dedicated their lives to this full-time task without receiving a salary in return , we need the help and participation of individuals & companies to make such an effort possible.

Since 1995 in Thailand, we have served disadvantaged communities in as many ways as there are disadvantages. Whether it’s sourcing for aid in response to crisis and disaster, personal counseling, seminars, classes, or the distribution of educational materials, food or basic life essentials, we facilitate as a bridge between those with the needs and those with the resources. Since the tsunami of 2004, we have focused on relief efforts – e helping & supplying the needs of the marginalized Karen (Burmese) survivors without governmental assistance in their impoverished communities from Phangnga to Mae Sot. Besides basic supplies of food, mosquito nets, clothes & other needs, we have also initiated self-sustaining efforts of fish-farming, vegetable/fruit cultivation as well as a small bakery in a refugee camp. Twenty years later — January 2014, we collaborated in the installation of solar energy panels & self-sustaining aquaponics farming for a remote hillside community in Maeramat, Tak province. At present,we also help a few communities – a shelter for 62 IDP kids, and other village communities along the Thai-Myanmar border. In Central Thailand, among other projects, we have volunteers preparing orphans for adoption at The Rangsit Babies’ Home, activities/ classes which boost self-esteem for abused children, teens and HIV victims at the Emergency Home in Don Muang and assisting the Thanksgiving Home in their efforts to provide training for the mentally-challenged residents of the Rachawadee (Girls) Home. We also connect international students & professionals who want to intern or volunteer in various communties. Past projects include Industrial Rehabilitation Center where we taught and encouraged disabled residents, the Humanised Health Care program under the Ministry of Health, with Laughter Therapy, as well as personal encouragement, counseling to patients & motivation to tireless health care-givers. Under a sponsorship program, we have distributed bilingual educational VCDs to rural schools,conducted child-centered education seminars for teachers & hosted interactive children’s programs to teach English in rural schools – throughout various provinces. Upcountry, our services also include bringing provisions of rice, blankets, mosquito nets & basic essentials to those in need.

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